Jefferson County COVID-19 Update

As many of you may have heard or seen, the Jefferson County Health Department has sent a communication regarding an increase in COVID 19 cases. “The seven-day rolling average hit 24.32 today, just shy of the 25-case threshold to move the county into its highest alert status,” stated Kelley Vollmar, Jefferson County Health Department Director. “New positive COVID-19 cases have increased 28% from last week with an estimated 13.4% positivity rate among tests.”  

What does this mean for the Hillsboro R-III School District? 

Our reopening plan is not solely based on the color status in the County. A switch to "Red" status does not dictate an immediate closure of our school. At this time we intend to continue with the processes and procedures that we have implemented as well as contact tracing to make sure our students and staff are safe while at school.

In conversations with the health department, the work that the district has done to move to a Hybrid schedule and offer virtual learning, is allowing students to be social distanced a majority of the time, even on school buses. The result is that the Hillsboro School District is already aligned with the desired outcomes and additional recommendations for schools associated with a county wide "red" designation.

As always, we are monitoring the latest district and county wide health information, and will make adjustments as necessary.