Campus Messenger is our parental communication tool for providing time-critical information about school events and information. It is also used occasionally by the individual school buildings to keep parents informed about general school building events, event changes, and other critical information. As a courtesy, Campus Messenger is used also to notify parents about school closings (inclement weather), but it is not the primary method (television, radio, District website, Twitter, and Facebook).

We encourage all parents to enroll in the Campus Messenger program to stay informed. Parents are allowed to have two phone numbers per student in Campus Messenger and it is recommended that you use a cell phone and a home phone. Please understand that if parents provide two phone numbers, then both numbers will be called. Campus Messenger does remove duplicate phone numbers prior to making calls (Example: if you provide the same two numbers for your son and daughter, a District Campus Messenger call will be made to the two numbers only once).NOTE: Participation in the Campus Messenger program requires enrolled parents to keep their Campus Messenger phone number UP-TO-DATE or CURRENT. Please allow 5-7 business days for Campus Messenger updates to be implemented. Thank you for using our Campus Messenger system!

Campus Messenger Enrollment or Update Process:

You can enroll in Campus Messenger by contacting the District Registrar (636-789-0007 or 636-789-0000 ext.7070) or your child's school building (school phone directory). If you are enrolled in Infinite Campus, you can use the HOUSEHOLD UPDATE form and fax it to 636-789-4316.

Campus Messenger Q & A:

If Campus Messenger is not the primary method for school closings notifications, what is? Parents should always utilize television (KTVI-2, KMOV-4, and KSDK-5), radio (KTJJ/KJFF-98.5, KMOX-AM1120), website (www.hsdr3.org), Twitter (@Hillsboro_R3), and Facebook (Hillsboro R3 School District) to be informed about school closings due to inclement weather.

  • What if I am on the phone when Campus Messenger attempts a call? Campus Messenger will make three attempts to call a number.
  • Why didn't I receive a call on my cell phone? Your cell phone must have voicemail activated in order to receive the call. Also, your cell phone number must be current in our Campus Messenger system.
  • Finally, your cell phone must be receiving service at-the-time that a Campus Messenger call was attempted.
  • Why didn't I receive a call on my home phone? Your home phone number must be current. If your home phone was busy during all three attempts, then the calls will not be successful. Possible causes for phone busy include active calls, dial-up internet, etc.
  • How many different phone numbers am I allowed? Parents are allowed to have two phone numbers per child. Duplicate numbers are called only once by District-wide Campus Messenger calls.
  • My child has graduated OR left the district OR we don't want to participate in Campus Messenger anymore, how do I remove a phone number from Campus Messenger? You can call 636-789-0007 (636-789-0000  ext. 7070 to make changes to Campus Messenger phone numbers. Also, you can use the HOUSEHOLD UPDATE form and fax it to 636-789-4316.