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Bid Notice


March 30, 2023

 Dear Real Estate Agents,

The Hillsboro R-III School District is seeking proposals from qualified real estate agents to work on behalf of the district for the sale of #5 Ridgewood, Hillsboro, Missouri 63050, a property owned by the district.

The property is in a desirable area and features a spacious lot and a well-maintained office space. It has the potential to be an excellent investment for the right buyer.

We are seeking a real estate agent who has experience in selling properties in the Hillsboro area and can help us to achieve the best possible price for the property. The agent should have a strong track record of successful sales and be able to provide references from satisfied clients.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this project, please provide us with a detailed plan outlining your approach to selling the property.

Your proposal should include:

·         Information about your marketing strategy

·         Your background and experience in the area

·         Your commission rate.

Proposals must be submitted to the district,  ATTN: Diane Scanga, by Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 4:00 pm.  Electronic proposals will be accepted.  They should be submitted via email to scanga_diane@hsdr3.org

We will review all proposals and decide based on the agents' qualifications and the strength of their proposals, including costs.

Thank you for your interest in working with the Hillsboro R-III School District.

Link to this information in PDF format: https://5il.co/1rgwg


Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Local Education Agency (LEA) Checklist for
Contracting FSMC Services Forms / Request for Proposal and Contract
- Click HERE

Food Service RFP Attachments - Click HERE

Food Service Management Company (FSMC) Request for Proposal and Contract

Send Sealed Proposal to:
Hillsboro R-III School District (050-003)
Attn: Kelly Genge
100 Leon Hall Parkway
Hillsboro, MO 63050

All Proposals must be received by:
Wednesday, May 17, 2023
1:00 pm

Both Documents Link: https://www.hsdr3.org/documents/community/bids%2Frfps/food-service-contract-bid---2023-24/431565

Request for Proposals – Hillsboro R-III School District Photography Services

 Hillsboro R-III School District is accepting proposals for our school and sports photo provider. We are seeking a qualified vendor to provide high-quality school and sports photography services for our district.

The selected vendor will provide photography services for all school and sports events, including team and individual portraits, action shots, and event photography. We are seeking a vendor who can provide various services, including traditional prints, digital copies, and online ordering options.

Vendor Requirements

To qualify as a possible vendor for the District Photography Services, the vendor must comply with the following parameters:

The vendor must maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence, with a $2,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate and a $2,000,000 General Aggregate Limit.  The policy shall include coverage including, but not limited to, the liability assumed under the indemnification provisions of the resulting Contract.

 All school portrait personnel associated with the vendor, who will be on school premises, must have cleared either a Missouri Criminal History and Child Abuse/Neglect check OR an FBI background check.

 Students will not be required to patronize the awarded photographer, nor shall students be required to purchase picture packages.

The vendor must have been in business for a minimum of three years.

The vendor must list three (3) local districts within 100 miles where the company has provided Photography Services during the last two years.  Provide the name and telephone number of an administrator at each district listed.

 All photos taken by the awarded vendor will be of good quality.  Students will have absentee, retake, and refund privileges.  Final products must meet the standards of samples submitted.

 The vendor will not assign this contract or any of the rights, duties, or payments arising under this contract to any third party without the district’s consent.

Request for Proposals "Hillsboro R-III School Photogrpahy Bid RFP PDF: https://5il.co/1s0xh

 Interested vendors should submit a proposal that includes the following:

Bid Requirements

Proposals will be received no later than May 2, 2023, at 4:00 pm by mail, email, or in-person to:

Hillsboro Administration Building
100 Leon Hall Parkway
Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

Email Submission:  scanga_diane@hsdr3.org

The Bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope.
The outside of this envelope will be marked with the words “Hillsboro R-III School Photography Bid.”

The “Hillsboro R-III School Photography Bid” envelope must contain the following listed items:

1.      Student – Fall School Picture Packages

a.       Actual Sales Flyer with Packages and Prices Listed
b.      K-6 Yearbook Pricing - Please price an elementary school yearbook (Color, 350 copies, 40 pages)

(This is an approximate cost and approximate specifications. Individual schools will provide specifics on the number of pages and quantity.)

Photo Requirements
Below are specifications and requests for information that pertain to school portraits:

  • All business transactions and money collection will be handled by the vendor.  The school will assume no responsibility.

  • Packages must have exterior identification on name, grade, and teacher and be sorted to each school’s specifications.

  • Photography company is required to provide at least two camera set ups and assistants during picture day.

  • All photos will come with 100% quality guarantee.

  • Notification letters, flyers, envelopes, and posters must be provided by the vendor.

  • Vendor will take candid photos for yearbook support.

 2.      Seniors – Picture Packages for Yearbook and Individual Purchase
High school seniors will need to be photographed for the yearbook.  Please provide the information below that pertains to senior portraits:

a.       Actual sales flyers with packages and prices listed – Please include a low-cost option and included sitting fee.
b.      Photos must be prepared for the yearbook according to yearbook specifications (CD compatible with yearbook company)
c.       Framed color composite picturing all seniors for the school’s use

 3.      Sports and Activities – Picture Packages
Sports team photos and individual photos will need to be photographed.  Below is a list of services needed that pertain to sports pictures: 

a.       Actual sales flyers with packages and prices listed
b.      Details regarding the number of photographers and the picture day process
c.       Team Photos provided for yearbook use
d.      Complimentary photos for coaches and athletic department

 4.      Sports and Activities – Game and Event Photography

a.       Will attend at least one event per season per sport for Yearbook – Varsity
b.      Will attend the Board Recognition Award Night
c.       Will photograph the Board of Education annually
d.      Will photograph student groups for Character Strong and other activity posters

 5.      Graduation – Picture Packages
Graduation photos will be taken of each graduating senior, as well as a class group photo.

a.       Actual sales flyers with packages and prices listed
b.      Details regarding the number of photographers and the picture day process
c.       Proofs must be mailed and emailed home to students in 2 weeks
d.      Green Screen/Background Replacement Options should be made available
e.       Complimentary class group photo for the high school

Additional Questions
Please answer the following questions:

  • Can parents pre-pay for photos online?

  • Can parents view and order their child’s photo online after picture day?

  • Do you offer a child safety ID Card?

  • Please state your company’s package delivery timeline.

  • Please state your retake policy and satisfaction guarantee.

  • Please state any relationship your company has with our district

  • Please include any additional services that your company provides.

 Additional Charges
Please list your company’s charge to the district for the following items:

  • SIS Administration CD (Infinite Campus

  • Two sets of File Prints for permanent records

  • ID cards for all students & staff

  • Visitor and Volunteer Badges

  • Pictorial Directory of all staff at each building delivered to Superintendent

  • All-School Composite

  • Character Strong Posters

 Company Information
Please answer the following:

  • Is your company Local or National?

  • Company MUST have a Missouri office.  Please provide the address and phone number.

  • Company MUST have a local representative.  Please provide name, number and location.

  • Who owns your company?

  • How long has your company been in business?

  • Where are Pictures and ID cards processed?

  • How many full-time photographers do you employ?

  • Do you require background checks on photographers?

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your proposals and partnering with a qualified vendor to provide high-quality school and sports photography services for our district.

We will review all proposals and decide based on the agents' qualifications and the strength of their proposals, including costs.

We appreciate your interest in working with the Hillsboro R-III School District.